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At first, many theologians accepted his idea. The theologian said God created the world in “six days” and for the world to continue it must continuously grow. One theologian disagreed and said that Darwinism went against God. He said natural selection proposed threat to true divine teachings. Darwin never mentioned God. Therefore, his theories go against the Bible. They believe Darwin was trying to drive a wedge between religion and science. The Church condemned this book. The Churches leaders said it will lead you to atheism and immorality.Many creationists fought for equality between evolutionary science, Darwin’s theory, and creation science. Schools began to teach the evolutionary science. Creationists didn’t like this fact and to fight against it. They started to question many different parts of curriculum taught in biology. These antievolutionists would do anything to against Darwin.They created an intelligent design. This was made up of two principles. “First, within the natural world, and particularly within human beings, there are complex operations that cannot be explained through random adaptation or mutation. Second is the claim that if human beings found such complexity in other areas of human life, they would attribute it to a designer.” (Evolution and Religion) This proposal of intelligent design failed in court just as did scientific creationism.Darwinism didn’t just effect people and their faith. Degeneration was a major effect from his book. Survival of the fittest was interpreted completely differently than how he had written it. He had written it as more individualistic. He looked at human instincts, sympathies, and moral sentiments. He talked about social progress without the influence of the environment. People read this and took it to the next level. This idea caused people to believe their society was more evolved then the next. They began to cause competition between other nations.


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