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我在这些会议中看到的交流网络,使用我们的VTC系统,就是车轮。在这种情况下,领导者被视为中心人物,或车轮的中心,所有的沟通和评论必须通过中心或领导者(Tubbs, 2009)。会议的领导者控制着技术,而回应仅限于会议的领导者。其他的异地用户似乎也以同样的方式管理他们的会议。我认为它能很好地防止人们在使用该技术时相互争论。召开富有成效的会议的能力与许多不同的因素有关。从会议室桌子的设置到你在会议中的区域席位,这些影响可能有助于或阻碍集团的运作能力。一些组织已经非常熟练地使用了这种技术,我觉得它的使用为每个人提供了更多关于讨论项目的反馈。尽管我们的领导似乎在使用一种被称为“车轮”的限制性通信网络,但对于使用这种技术的团队来说,它似乎工作得很好。


The communication network that I see demonstrated during these meetings, using our wonderful VTC system, is the wheel. In this case the leader is viewed as the central person, or hub of the wheel and all communication and comments must pass through the hub or leader (Tubbs, 2009). The leader of the meeting is in control of the technology and responses are restricted to the leader of the meeting. The other offsite users appear to manage their meeting in the same fashion. I think it works very well in preventing people talking over one another while using the technology. The ability to have productive meetings is related to many different factors. From the setup of the conference room tables to your territorial seat at the meeting, these influences can contribute or impede the group’s ability to operate. Some organizations have grown very adept at the use of this technology and I feel that its use provides everyone with more feedback on the items discussed. Although it appears our leadership is using a restrictive communication network described as the wheel, it seems to work well for the groups using this technology.


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