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Example of cheating, Mia was a student at University of Minnesota. In 2013, she moved Twin cities from another county. It is hard for her to fit in Twin cities because of understand the language, and make new friends. Sometimes it is difficult to do assignments and concentrate on all her classes. Fall 2013, she is taking a biology class. She thought it would be doable class but it turn out pretty tough. Mia studied as hard as she could for the class work and testes. In one of the tests, the answers are to be marked in scantram by blacking out lettered circles on a scantram. The test covered the topics that she didn’t study. She tried her best to finish the test and then hands in. she come back to her desk and await the end of class. Other students are still working on the test. Mark was one of them, he seems to have no problem with the test and he is taking his time to do finish the test. Mia is still waiting for the class to end but between than she saw mark scantram and there are many answers different than her. So she trust on mark answers and ask professor for her scantram back, saying that she did not correctly put her student ID number. Professor hand it back scantram, she quickly erases and changes some answers that she saw on Mark’s scantram and turn it back in. Sometime later, the instructor informs her that the proctor saw her change her answers beside student ID number. She is going to be given an “F” for the test and for the course.


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