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When I am teaching in the classroom, I believe that my children will learn through experiences they have had in the past. I believe that the interaction that children have had with people and the environment plays a major role in the child’s learning process. This belief comes from Vygotsky’s theory that social interaction is a major part of a child’s learning. The surroundings of a child’s atmosphere have an impact on a child’s development of learning. I agree with this theory for various reasons. Children who have parents who are involved in their development tend to be more successful in school. It is important for the parent to be a part of their child’s learning experiences. The students should not just depend on the teacher for assistance with their learning. They should also be able to come to their guardians for help with things that they may have difficult time understanding. With this being said, it is also important for the child’s guardians to begin teaching the child things before the child even begins school. According to Vygotsky language can be the key to help children solve problems. I agree, it is important for children to have conversation with others. Children must use language to converse with others before they can focus on their inward thoughts. Simple dialogue between the child and his or her guardian can also be an excellent key for a child’s learning.I also believe that children seek to construct meaning and understanding of the world around them through schemas. This theory is based upon Piaget’s theory of learning. Children use schemas continuously throughout their learning experience. Schemas can help children learn by constructing their knowledge of the world. A child develops strategies to solve problems and places it in their schema to remember how to solve the problem the next time it happens. Children can adapt their schemas by processing new information into their brains or just by adjusting their current schemas with more knowledge. I believe that Piaget’s theory is accurate and is a good way to explain how children learn during development. Piaget gives great examples of how the information a child learns is organized and placed into a child’s brain. It is crucial for teachers to help children use their schemas and relate the concept that they are learning to other past experiences. This will help the students comprehend and retain information that they learn more effectively.


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