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All of these strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats should all be considered to come up with new plans and strategies for my career development. Yes, I can still improve my job performance and be promoted but still, I want to have my own business someday and I need more knowledge and experience far different from what I am doing with my latest job. New skills and expertise are required and the opportunity to study abroad can help me gain more knowledge, develop my strengths such as good leadership and learn different leadership models and techniques in managing a business. Weaknesses and threats will serve as a challenge for me.We know that Learning Style is very important in identifying techniques on how we can learn to achieve our goals in life. I have chosen Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic or usually abbreviated to VAK Learning Styles Model this was first developed by psychologists and teaching specialists such as Fernald, Keller, Orton, Gillingham, Stillman and Montessori, beginning in the 1920’s, these will provides or can help in a simple way to explain and understand an individual’s overall personality, preference and strength. Essentially the visual learners can learn through what they see, an auditory from what they hear and kinesthetic from activity or doing something. While some people can make use of more than one learning style most people have a preference for one style. It is also provides a very easy and quick reference inventory by assessing people’s preferred learning styles, to design learning methods and experiences that match people’s references. Involve in visual learning style is by the use of seen or observed things, including here are the diagrams, demonstration, pictures, handouts, films. About the auditory it involves the transfer of information through listening like sounds and noises and to the spoken word, in self or in the others. And for the kinesthetic it involves physical experience like touching, holding, practical hands-on experiences and doing.

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