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The misuse of technology is not only affecting an individual at present time, but can result in a long term issue as well. They adopt bad habits such as chat speak, which causes proper English to fade out of their lives, the excessive use of a calculator, which limits their mental capabilities, as well as being lazy and not going outdoors to get some required exercise which may lead to future health related issues. According to the American Record Guide, the problem with most of these technologies is that they isolate people, kill conversation, and encourage sedentary behavior (make people lazy and fat). They also waste time that may be useful (Vroon, 53). One example given by the author is television, which he feels leads to a plethora of problems.”Television, for example, isolates people and destroys conversation. These days the family seldom even watches television together-there are too many sets in every household. TV destroys attention span-just another way it turns people against reading. It creates passivity, controls people’s thoughts, sets the terms of politics, teaches people to want things they don’t need, and stimulates the appetite for junk food. It is mind-numbingly intrusive and invasive. Its speed and aggression are downright pugnacious. It is even turning people into wimps”

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