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英国论文怎么写 我对学校内舞弊的看法my view of cheating on campus

Though it iscontemptible to most of the students and forbidden by the university andauthority, cheating is far from extinct. What’s worse is that those who cheatdon’t consider cheating a disgraceful act.


Students cheat onexams mostly because they don’t put enough time and energy in their studies. However,through their “clever “tricks, they get high marks on the exams, and some ofthem even receive scholarships. It’s not difficult to imagine how disappointedmost hardworking students will be, and we are sure that there will certainly bestudents will be, and we are sure that there will certainly be students whowill follow suit.


Cheating will notonly do great harm to the student’s initiative to study hard, but also affectthe cultivation of the students’ minds. Exam is a fair system to encourage andstimulate students’ hard work at their lessons. If any unfair means other thanhard work can secure high marks, there is no denying that the students will be encouraged,to some extent, to seek devious means to achieve their goals in life. Theresult may be that the society will end up in unfair competition.


So it is of greatnecessity for the university authorities to take more effective measures tocounteract the phenomenon of cheating on the campus.


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