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英国 Marketing Essay代写:Zynga

成立于2007年,Zynga已经扩大其投资组合从专门Facebook API服务提供独立和多平台社交游戏在个人电脑、平板电脑和移动设备(Zynga,1 – 2页,2013)。然而,不到一年出现在证券交易所Zynga已经处境艰难(Zynga,p 2013)。满足不断变化的消费者需求的挑战和微观经济气候已经严重影响了你的底线。你的股价已经下跌超过70%,你有记录仅在2012年第三季度净亏损近5300万美元(Zynga,p 2013)。为了保持相关的在今天的市场上,Zynga回到曾经的社交游戏先锋,你必须使用激进的变化。



英国 Marketing Essay代写:Zynga

Launched in 2007, Zynga has expanded its portfolio from exclusively Facebook API services to provide independent and multiplatform social gaming on personal computers, tablets and mobile devices (Zynga, p 1-2, 2013). However, less than a year after appearing on the stock exchange Zynga has fallen on hard times (Zynga, p 1, 2013). The challenge of satisfying evolving consumer needs and the microeconomic climate have severely impacted your bottom line. Your stock price has fallen over 70% and you have recorded net losses of nearly $53 million in Q3 2012 alone (Zynga, p 1, 2013). In order to stay relevant in today’s market and return Zynga to the social gaming pioneer it once was, you must employ radical changes.

I have identified four main challenges facing Zynga today. Firstly, Zynga is in the business of casual gaming with a social twist. But because casual games notoriously have the shortest life cycle it is hugely problematic that Zynga has neither innovated nor replicated successful games at the same rate that customers have grown tired of the available offerings. Secondly, Zynga does not have a sustainable source of revenue due to considerable customer churn. Cycling through customers and not generating repeat business is not a strategy for a ‘freemium’ company. Thirdly, while Zynga is moving towards a more independent business model, the business was built on and still largely depends on Facebook. The close association between your corporations – and your recent decision to sever ties with the social media giant – has been negatively affecting your bottom line. Lastly, the corporate culture in place at Zynga thrives on imitation. Rather than being forward thinking and innovative, Zynga has enjoyed enormous success by mimicking already popular games and reverse engineering them for a simpler, social experience.

Given these challenges I have developed a strategic recommendation to reinvent Zynga. Zynga must return to its original ambitions of being an independent social gaming giant and create a social gaming ecosystem unlike any other. By partnering with hardware manufacturers and developing a new operating system Zynga can not only reclaim its lost share of the social gaming market, but capture a population of consumers with unmet social gaming needs. With this innovative model, Zynga will once again demonstrate financial success.