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There were different strategies which were employed by both sides, that the United States and Japan in the Okinawa war. To begin with, the use of the Kamikaze in combating the Americans was one of the important war strategies of the Japanese, despite the fact that this meant sacrificing more civilian people. As a result, the Kamikaze was deployed to destroy America war vessels as a way of weakening their participation in this war. In reference to Wood (2007), the shimpu air tactics adopted in 1944 were a practical and relatively efficient method of engaging and inflicting significant losses on American naval forces at a time when on other method of air attack worked (Wood, 2007, p.96). The major purpose of using Kamikaze as a strategy was to immobilize the naval forces in order to reduce their ability to attack the Okinawa Island and Japan’s mainland. In addition to this, the Japanese carrier needed to be safeguarded and developed to enhance its capability to resist the United States attacks as well as be able to launch war planes against the United States forces. Apart from this, the Japanese government trained most civilians (corps) with military tactics who were able to fight as effectively as the military itself.


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