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从最近的研究来看,领导力是个人特质(Stogdill, 1948;戈尔曼,1998)关注领导者与追随者之间的过程和关系(Bass, 1985;领导力是所有人格特质的整个集体过程的一个功能。领导力是通过不断学习的过程而发展起来的,它是不能同时发展的。它是通过学习的过程发展起来的。这就是领导力发展的行动学习。他说,现在越来越多地使用行动学习作为培养领导能力和改善领导行为的主要方法。他还描述了不同的领导技能,如认知技能、人际关系技巧和自我管理能力,这些技能都是通过行动学习来发展的。他说,成功的行动学习创造良好的成人/成人关系,尊重,控制学习经验,鼓励在集合内的合作和凝聚力的态度,信任,对自己的信心和学习的循环。在群体中,人们开始重视别人的意见,对过程、方法和来源提出建议。


From recent study leadership is personal trait (Stogdill, 1948; Goleman, 1998) to a focus on the process and relationship between leaders and followers (Bass, 1985; Burns, 1978) leadership is a function of the entire collective process of all the personality traits. Leadership is developed by continuous steps of learning that is it cannot be developed at a time. It is developed through processes of learning. says that action learning for leadership development. He describes action learning is being used increasingly now days as a main method to build leadership skills and improving leadership behavior. He also describes different skills of leadership like cognitive skills, relationship skills, and self management skills are developed through action learning .As described by the Reeve, S. (1999) described the importance of working in group in action learning. He describes that successful action learning creates good adult/adult relationship, respect, control of the learning experience, encouragement of cooperative and cohesive attitudes within the set, trust, confidence over ones own self and the cycle of learning towards its reflection. In groups people begin to value others opinions, suggestions are made about processes, methodologies and sources.


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