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在美国没有强烈的改革派倾向于建立社会主义式的阴谋,在欧洲出现了。另外,浪漫主义在美国获得自己个人的方法从十七世纪暴动的清教主义的强大的遗产,这是新教的一种严格的加尔文型。哲学与特殊的美国边境的个性是由美国浪漫主义的发展。美国的移民经历了一个幸福的新领域。詹姆斯·费尼莫·库柏曾在过去的轶事,边疆文明的独立,例如,的莫希干人写在1826的最后。赫尔曼·梅尔维尔写信给Moby Dick,体现了道德的模糊性在美国的灵魂即发生冲突的“神秘的黑暗”与清教原则开拓自由意志之间。美国浪漫主义主要是关于社会相关性和个人主义的,因为每个人都应该有机会充分利用自己的价值。爱默生瞥了一眼,发现了他所共有的精神,以及艾米莉·狄金森通过发表她的诗歌而不去“公众化”,美国浪漫主义在每个艺术家中都与欧洲完全不同。美国浪漫主义是从一个有发展、自由、扩张的机会的边疆发展而来的,而欧洲却没有这种成分。通过一个未开发的前沿保证调用希望强度是艺术作品众多,美国浪漫主义的代表。殖民地美国给美国浪漫主义创造了新的视野和文化。北方制造业的进一步扩张使南部和北部地区加上新的宗教核心,影响了美国浪漫主义,使其明显不同于欧洲浪漫主义。


In America there was no intense reformist propensity to establish the type of conspiratorial socialism that appeared in Europe. Alternatively, Romanticism in America obtained its own individual approach from the strong bequest of seventeenth century mutinous Puritanism, which was a strict Calvinist type of Protestantism. A philosophy of individuality with the exceptional American frontier was developed by American Romantics. American settlers experienced a sense of blessedness in the new territory. James Fenimore Cooper romanticized the independence of frontier civilization in past anecdotes, for instance, The Last of the Mohicans written in 1826. Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick which manifested a moral vagueness in the American psyche i.e. a clash among the “mystical blackness” and pioneering free will of Puritan principle. American Romanticism was mostly about social relevance and individualism in that everyone was supposed to have an opportunity to make best use of their own value. With Emerson glancing inside to discover godly spirit, which he asserts we all share in common, as well as Emily Dickinson not going “public” by issuing her poetry, American Romanticism is definitely dissimilar to European in every artist. American Romanticism developed from a frontier that undertook chance for growth, freedom, expansion, while Europe did not have this component. The strength of hopefulness invoked by the assurance of an unexplored frontier was represented in numerous works of art of American Romanticism. Colonization to America produced new outlooks and cultures to the American Romanticism. Augmentation of manufacturing sector in the north that further polarized the agrarian South and the north plus search for new religious cores impacted the American Romanticism and made it noticeably different from European Romanticism.


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