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他们的正直受到了严格的审查,家族的财富被“正义”的制度所消灭,因为他们努力清除他们的名字,我们看到一个腐败的系统,在那里,人们必须支付大量的钱去看他们自己的收费单。我们看到了法律体系的腐败性质和社会的基本不公正,穷人一再指责穷人的不幸。侯赛因家族但是显示希望的平凡故事,绝望和团结,紧密的家庭单元,作家David Hare塑造了剧中人不得不为了生存而必须去堆的顶部与同情和理解闪烁做出妥协,让观众真涉及的演员。例如:Asha不得不睡在为了让女儿接受教育。在车站的侯赛因的只看他们的收费表,由于他们让他们失去了他们所有的努力建立的贿赂交官。他们在屁股后面他们开始的地方。


Their integrity came under scrutiny the family fortune was wiped out by the grasping “justice” system as they struggle to clear their name and we see a corrupt system where one has to pay a lot of money to see their own charge sheet. We have a glimpse of the corrupt nature of the legal system and the essential injustices of a society in which the poor repeatedly blame equally poor individuals for their misfortunes. The Husain family however shows an extraordinary story of hope, despair and the unity in and strong ties in the family unit.The writer David Hare portrays the compromises the individuals in the play have to make in order to survive and have and get to the top of the heap with flashes of compassion and understanding, so that the audience actually relates to the cast. For instance: Asha having to sleep around in order for her daughter to get an education. The Husains having to pay the officer at the station just to see their charge sheet and due to the bribes they keep giving they lose all they worked so hard to build. They are back at the bottom where they started.


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