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正如上面提到的,可怕的意外/ 9月11日的袭击美国的反应和变化其外交政策的方式完全符合现实主义理论。突然袭击导致突然的军事反应,试图消灭基地组织在阿富汗和世界各地。美国这些攻击后感到非常没有安全感,它开始一个非常广泛的活动使用威慑,直接强制外交和军事行动对所有潜在的敌人首先保护自己并保持权力的平衡通过阻止鲁莽的领导人发展核武器代表现实主义学派的核心概念。



With undergoing the attack happened on September 11th, 2001, al-Qaeda terrorists destroyed the Pentagon in the United States, which shocked the whole world. As president Bush declared,” On September 11th, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our country.” After that, U.S. Government created a series of wars, like the war against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the occupancy and captures the Iraq. America Government invented the name of these wars, which is “war on terror”, to explain why these wars should happen.

It is the 8th year in 2009 that America suffered “9.11” terrorist attacks so that the war on terror also sustained 8 years. However, the leader of al-Qaeda, Ben Laden is still not found, the war in Iraq has wasted numerous funds, so that the wars are falling into a hard situation. After Obama government has been established, in March 30th, 2009, Hillary said that her travelling press that the Obama government will not use “war on terror” any more.

As mentioned above, the horrible unexpected attacks of the 11/Sept made the United States reacts and shifts its foreign policy in a way that exactly fits the realist theory. The sudden attack resulted in a sudden military reaction that attempts to eradicate Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and all over the world. The United States has felt extremely insecure after these attacks and it started a very wide campaign using deterrence, coercive diplomacy and direct military actions against all prospective enemies to firstly defend itself and keep the balance of power by preventing reckless leaders from developing nuclear weapons which represents the core concept of the realist school.

Particularly, this essay will focus on the opinions of realism to help us for understanding the reasons that why there is “war on terror” and why Obama government cancelled the war on terror. As mentioned above, this paper will separated into four main parts. It will give an introduction of realism first, and then discuss the war on terror; the next part will explain the war on terror with the ideas of realism. Finally, an overview will be given to sum up the explanations of the war on terrorism under the realism opinions. (Morgenthau, 1978)