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虽然体育教育和活动围绕着健康和健康教育是教我们什么思想活跃的重要性,而活动当我们利用这方面的知识并执行它。因此,体育是一个包含所有的术语包括健身,技能,运动,跳舞,娱乐、健康、游戏和运动加上适当的值和知识。”(Konjarski 2011)。体育教育的目的是为学生提供的知识他们需要保持健康的生活方式。此外,它可以帮助孩子认识的必要性和基本不要久坐不动的生活方式。它还帮助孩子们了解自己的身体和它的功能。此外,它帮助他们认识到风险可怕的药物使用和吸烟等行为。总的来说,体育教孩子身体健康的价值,以及它是如何最佳的健康和福祉所必需的。相比之下,“身体活动被定义为所有的运动在日常生活中,包括工作、娱乐、锻炼和体育活动。可以是结构化或非结构化,计划或偶然的。布鲁尔”(2002)。对儿童身体活动有几个好处。例如:促进适当的增长和发展,教他们各种各样的体育活动,可以在以后的生活和学习的重要性,体育活动在电子媒体和设备可以引导他们到久坐不动的生活方式。从本质上说,孩子们需要体育理解身体活动的重要性。此外,他们需要体育锻炼为了保持健康的生活方式。在强调身体活动和体育之间的区别,我们看到这两个孩子是至关重要的许多原因和排除两个可以显著地影响孩子的生活。但是有些学校不理解这个概念,它对我们的未来和重要性的一代。


While both physical education and activity revolve around fitness and health, education is what teaches us about the importance of being active, whereas activity is when we utilise this knowledge and execute it. Thus, physical education is ‘an all encompassing term including fitness, skills, movement, dance, recreation, health, games and sport plus the appropriate values and knowledge of each.’ (Konjarski 2011). Physical education aims to provide students with the knowledge they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it helps children recognise the necessity and fundamentals to not living a sedentary lifestyle. It also assists children in understanding their body and how it functions. Moreover, it helps them recognise the risks involved in dire behaviours such as drug-use and smoking. Overall, physical education teaches children the values of physical fitness and how it is necessary for optimal health and wellbeing. In contrast, ‘physical activity is defined as all movements in everyday life, including work, recreation, exercise and sporting activities. It can be structured or unstructured, planned or incidental.’ (Breuer 2002). Physical activity has several benefits to children. For instance: promoting proper growth and development, teaching them various physical activities that can be practised in later life and learning the importance of physical activity over electronic media and devices which can lead them into a sedentary lifestyle. In essence, children need physical education to understand the importance of physical activity. Furthermore, they need physical activity in order to maintain healthy lifestyles. In highlighting the difference between physical activity and physical education, we see that both are crucial to children for many reasons and the exclusion of both could impact the lives of children drastically. However there are some schools that do not understand this concept; and the importance it has on our future generation.


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