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在这篇文章中,它调查了38位高成就的年轻人的意见,他们花了至少一年的时间在住宅或寄养上,他们认为这是提高照看孩子的教育经验的最好方法。本研究的重点是参与者在获得a级通行证或同等条件的基础上选择的一个子样本。38 ex-care人选择参加面试,问的问题对他们的家庭、保健、学校,高等教育和职业经验,和所有被要求在他们的个人意见和建议如何改善,社会工作和护理实践,帮助提高儿童保健的教育经历。所有的受访者都被问到:“他们觉得应该做些什么来改善孩子们在学校的表现?”几乎所有38人都强调了儿童日常生活中“正常化”的重要性。也从样本中发现;孩子接受积极的鼓励的重要性重要他人,缺乏鼓励住宅员工和许多培养职业的重要性有一个良好的关系与他们的社会工作者,经常参加学校和连续性的重要性,他们强调需要克服的消极成见谢尔孩子,惊人的缺乏在儿童住宅实际资源,高等教育学校的支持和鼓励,让他们相信的人,可能说话有问题或者只是当他们情绪低落。


In this paper it examines the opinions of 38 high-achieving young people who spent at least a year in residential or foster care on what they think are the best ways to enhance the educational experience of looked after children. This study focused on a subsample of participants selected on the basis of their attainment of A-level passes or the equivalent. The 38 ex-care people who were selected to attend an interview and asked questions on their family, care, school, higher education and career experiences, and all were asked on their personal advice and recommendations on how social work and care practice could be improved, to help enhance the educational experiences of children in care. All respondents were asked, ‘what they felt should be done to improve children’s in care to do well in school?’ Nearly all 38 people stressed the importance of ‘normalisation’ in children’s day-to-day lives. Also found from the sample that; the importance for a child to receive positive encouragement from significant others, lack of encouragement by residential staff and many foster careers, the importance of having a good relationship with their social worker, attending school regularly and the importance of continuity, they stressed the need to overcome negative stereotypes of looked-after children, startling lack of practical resources in children’s residential homes, school support and encouragement for higher education, and about having someone who they trusted and could speak to with problems or just when they are feeling down.


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