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在我的研究生学习期间,我的目标是装备自己一些先进的工具和发展我的分析和研究能力。我想对计量经济学有很好的了解这样就可以用精确的经济理论模型来面对随机统计数据也可以对其他模型进行实证验证,否则这些模型可能会被设置在部分均衡框架中。我希望成为一名经济工程师和模型建造专家。计量经济学本身,也是我感兴趣的经济学学科,我可能想研究计量经济学方法论。我想成为一名学术经济学家。我已经通过了印度大学教育资助委员会(University Grants Commission of India)的全国资格考试,这使我有资格在任何印度大学教授经济学本科课程。我想在UCLA学习,因为它强调学术研究所需要的严谨和分析工具。我有很好的分析和数学技能,我想最大限度地利用这些技能。我觉得贵校杰出的教员能给我提供的帮助和指导是无价的。我相信如果我有机会在贵校学习,能够吸引来自世界各地的优秀学生,它将提供一个有竞争力的环境,让我发挥出我最好的一面。


During my graduate studies I aim to equip myself with some advanced tools and develop my analytical and research capabilities. I want to get an excellent command over econometrics to be able to confront stochastic statistical data with exact models of economic theories and also for empirical verification of other models, which might otherwise be set in a partial equilibrium framework. I expect to emerge as an economic engineer and an expert in model building.Econometrics per se, also interests me as a subject of economics and I might like to research in econometric methodology. I want to be an academic economist. I have cleared the National Eligibility test conducted by the University Grants Commission of India, which makes me eligible to teach an undergraduate course in economics in any Indian university.I want to study at UCLA, as it emphasizes on the rigor and analytical tools that are necessary for academic research. I have well-developed analytical and mathematical skills and I want to exploit these skills to the greatest extent. I feel the help and guidance that can be provided to me by the distinguished faculty of your university will be invaluable. I am sure if I am given the opportunity to study at your university that attracts some of the best students from all over the world, it will provide an environment competitive enough to bring out the best in me.


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