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When rescue workers to respond to major emergencies, we have found work elsewhere. They may be from another village or city in our own country – or from another continent. Two people may speak the same language, but a controversial, you may find other response is the same. The other way to deal with conflict may confuse or offend us. Our day-to-day work, the problems and contradictions is natural, the key is to find the right way to overcome these difficulties continue to productive work. A tool to overcome their own views and prejudices, so we can see the other person’s point of view.In order to resolve the conflict, we must know their roles, and how we see others. The most common forms of conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation, community meetings, conflict transformation and peer mediation. Which way is best, depending on the nature of the conflict and the parties. Experts in conflict resolution to provide a reasonable proposal – Summary – how peaceful settlement of disputes, the two sides find acceptable. Each conflict is different, people will react in their own way. But with the desire to solve the problem and a deep understanding of the parties and dispute the root cause, you will usually be able to resolve conflicts before they become violent.


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