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The difference between these two texts is that in ‘The Balcony’ the brothel presents an illusion of power and authority whereas in Animal Farm these themes are reality for the animals. The prostitutes even though this is their job, have a choice whether they stay in the situation of being degraded by their clients in their house of illusions. However, there is no escaping the oppression for the animals. Carmen, a prostitute in The Balcony, declares that “this world of illusions oppresses me”, the concept of an ‘illusion’ suggesting that she is engrossed in a world where deception is the cause of her oppression but she has the choice to leave. In contrast to this the animals of the farm aren’t under an illusion of power. Even Old Major is oppressed, by referring to him as “old” infers that he is slow and weak showing that he is susceptible to the cruelties around him. Even though he is seen as higher to the animals he inevitably would suffer from the corruption under Mr Jones. Contextually Orwell could be taking a direct attack at Communism by accusing the system of being “old” and outdated suggesting that Communism oppresses all of its followers.


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