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The observation of male and female children presents similarities and differences based on gender and environment. Female and male children have similarities on the level of family structure, culture and other environmental factors. There are many differences between the sexes, however. Factors related to gender orientation within the family structure, as well as outside influences such as daycare and the media, all play a part in differentiating a female child from a male child.

Although the parents both share parenting duties, the subject is closest to the Mother, who is the nurturer. The Mother performs most of child care (dressing, education, emotional and other support). Even though the Father is currently the sole financial provider and spends a large amount of time outside off the home, he spends quality time with the child. In addition, the subject exhibits the male behaviors, as taught to him by his father. The subject has close, warn, rewarding relationships with extended family (grandparents, cousins, etc.). His outside environmental experiences are positive and he has close relationships with male classmates. He plays out scenes from shows he watches on television – that is, he is the hero, banishing the bad guys. He also plays well on his own and loves to pay outdoors. He prefers to play with males in his class.