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高等教育机构运作的环境是最重要的维度,决定了该组织的成功和失败(惠勒et al .,2008)。今天已经变得如此复杂和多维的机构,很多院士往往是预先安排的工作根据脚本的时间框架内,然后移动到下一个游戏。方向仍然是投机,然而,快速和momentuous变化是不可避免的。维持机构,因此,它扮演的角色,纽曼et al .,(2000)确定两个至关重要的领域,高等教育应该关注,即首先,提高搜索过程,其次,需要领导力发展这个主题在大多数机构尚未解决。他们进一步重申,由于缺乏,如果不是没有这项工作,这使得高等教育部门未能关注搜索和领导人的发展。在高等教育的快速变化的场景,Tan Sri Wan Abdul Zahid哈米德博士马来西亚著名的教育家,在2010年10月9日进行的一项个人沟通也重申,领导力发展高等教育在中国尚未实现。因此,必要的托管人高等教育共同努力的地方,关注和重点发展的领导人渴望前进和努力工作现在学术收获的果实.


The environment within which institutions of higher education operate in is the most crucial dimension that determines the success and failure of the organisation (Wheeler et al., 2008). Today the institutions have become so complex and multidimensional that many academicians tend to be working according to the pre-rehearsed script within the time frame and then moving on to the next play. The direction remains speculative, however, the rapid and momentuous change is unavoidable. Therefore, to sustain the institution and the role it plays, Newman et al., (2000) identify two vital areas that higher education should focus on, i.e. first, to improve the search process and second, the need for leadership development which is a subject that has not been addressed at all in most institutions. They further reiterate that due to the lack, if not absence of this effort, that has left higher education a sector that fails to focus on the search and development of leaders.In the fast changing scenario of higher education, Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Zahid Abdul Hamid, Malaysian renowned educationist, in a personal communication conducted on 9 October 2010 too, reiterates that leadership development of higher education in the country has yet to be fulfilled. It is therefore, necessary that the custodian of higher education places concerted effort, concern and focus on developing leaders that aspire for the way forward and working hard now to reap the fruit of the academic excellence


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