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Piaget suggested that children progress through 4 age-related stages of thought by testing the logic applied to their intelligence, beginning with practice play, through symbolic play (fantasy/pretend play), to games with rules. The child possesses a number of sets of mental operations which can be applied to objects, ideas and concepts known as ‘schemas’. The schema (awareness of an entity) can be tested and adapted where appropriate over time, through ‘assimilation’ and ‘accommodation’.Piaget indicated that the child is innately able to co-ordinate existing schemas with one another to undertake various activities at once, or use more than one schema to solve a problem. In other words, learning influences the approach to further learning. By assimilating new knowledge into existing schemas, the child’s knowledge and schemas are enhanced, but may be incorrectly. With further sensory stimulation, new information can be accommodated into existing schemas, or into a new schema where the child recognises a flaw in their reasoning. The innate wish for equilibrium between consolidating mental structures (assimilation) and growth through the impact of knowledge on existing schemas (adaptation) gives the learner a thirst for learning. This thirst reaches its peak when the experience pushes but does not over-stretch the capacity to process and either assimilate or accommodate the new information.

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