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The concerns of the people vary extremely in size and condition which keeps on changing from time to time with the individual and the situation. The success of the organisation depends on the behaviour and performance of the individuals.Personality is considered as the initial point for analysing an individual’s behaviour in the organisation. Personality reflects the features of an individual like posture, perception, importance, belief and other quantities which determines the individual’s nature and motivation in specific way. The individuals approach, values and ability are related to the determinants of their personality. The causes are categorised in two ways biologically or surrounding based, sometimes the individuals personality can be shaped up by a combination of both. A person’s attitude and behaviour must be analysed first to understand and have an idea of how they would behave in a work environment. It is very important for the employee to have good an approach, intelligence, interests and abilities to excel in their work place. Therefore organisational analysts take keen interest in studying the employee’s personality and behaviour to have a fair idea to find out if the employee would meet the organisations requirement in future.


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