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To spice up this exciting conversation I stopped drilling him with one-word questions. I asked him about his cultural background and with excitement in his voice he replied with “ I’m Native American even says so on my birth certificate!” from the sound of his voice you could tell there was pride and honor behind his words. Knowing that he was Native American before the interview I did some research therefore I can figure out the questions that were important and satisfied my paper, because I showed interest in what he is most proud of he opened up. He told me he is apart of Blackfoot, which derived from the black-dyed moccasins that were worn by tribal members during the time of early contact with non-Indians, hints where they get their name. I stated, “From my research I know that the Blackfoot Indians consist of four different tribes, each tribe having their own tribal leader: The Blackfoot/ siksika, blood/kainai, Pikuni/Peigan, and the North Peigan Pikuni, which one were you apart of?” with impression in the tone of his voice he says, “ wow I’m impressed, you’ve done your research, and to answer your question none, I was apart of Blackfoot and San Juan where I banded mission Indians.” During his time of membership with the Blackfoot tribe the roles that previously existed were mainly distinguished. Because they are losing population within their tribe their roles begin to decrease, but he did keep in touch with the Blackfoot culture by dancing in pow wows and continues to play the drums in performances, they have Indian superstitions, the house is decorated all in Indian items, and they continue to have celebrations at other cities of family members filled with cultural foods like fry bread.


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