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The marketing concept holds the view that achieving organisational goals and objectives depend largely on knowing the needs and wants of customers as well as ensuring that these needs and wants are satisfied efficiently and effectively better than competitors. Therefore, unlike the production and sales concepts which are product and sales centred and which lay little or no emphasis on whom and why customers buy a product, marketing concept is customer-centred. For example, it emphasizes on knowing and providing the right product for customers rather than finding the right customers for a product. A market-oriented organization directs its effort on continuously and constantly collecting and gathering information about customers’ needs and carefully study this information across their departments for the creation of customer values.

In marketing, social responsibility entails accepting a duty to give equal value to business profits, customer satisfaction and the well-being of the society. Today, business organizations strive to put into account the social and environmental consequences of their actions on the society at large and this according to some marketing experts is referred to as societal marketing concept. This is of the view that an organization should try to satisfy its customer in a manner not likely to hinder the well-being of the society in which it operates.