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Some of Hewlett Packard’s environmental statements can be interpreted as platitudes. The company claims that that it wants to conserve more resources than it consumes (Hewlett Packard 2011). The concern is that it is easy to provide such statements. However, it is more difficult to assess how they are going to conserve more than they consume. This is because environmentally acceptable re-manufacturing programmes will still require energy consumption despite the conservation of the materials.Hewlett Packard may have worse polices, in practice, than those conveyed by its report. This is because suppliers could be forced to comply with the company’s standards. There are power relationships between dominant multi-national companies, such as Hewlett Packard, and their suppliers . The international sourcing of computer components has left suppliers vulnerable to the dominant buying policies at Hewlett Packard. These power relationships will tend to be overlooked, in corporate social responsibility reports, because companies will want to portray themselves in a favourable light.Corporate social responsibility policies have been criticised. The development of CSR policies have been difficult to implement for many firms. However, these criticisms should, generally, not be directed at Hewlett Packard due to the level of detail contained in its CSR report. Arguably, they have made an honest corporate attempt to contribute to society (Porter and Kramer 2002). The report goes beyond the legal compliance advocated by Friedman. The detail provided is of a superior standard when compared to a minimum level of legal compliance.


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