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On the contrary, it is discussed that tertiary education unlikely to mitigate the problem of skilled labor shortage in Hong Kong. The reveals that 61% of employers surveyed in Hong Kong observed a skills shortage of middle management workers followed by junior level (23%) and senior or director level crew (15%), which includes technical and sales parts, motivate client relationships, computer and social media skills. This implies that lack of technical skills labor has become a serious problem to the workforce. Subsequently, it is doubted that the expansion of compulsory education could not diminish the problem since it could only increase the ratio of higher education students. Nevertheless, I disagree with this opinion. There could be varies of particular techniques training in the tertiary education. For example,Vocational Training Council (VTC) teaches practical, vocation education and training to undergrads, which provide manpower supports to industries for their development. Tertiary education not only refers to universities, but also technical training institutes. Considerably, skilled training is not sufficient in Hong Kong at this point. If the tertiary education become part of the compulsory education, extend of practical training is necessary for the sustainability of the job market. As a result, the popularization of tertiary education could probably improve the labor shortage problem.Tertiary education could be part of the compulsory because the opportunity of getting education, which includes tertiary education, shall be equal as it is part of the human right and the popularization of tertiary education would heighten the level in different aspect, like economic, industry and government. However, it has been discussed that the problem of skilled labor shortage could not be mitigate unless there is an extension of tertiary education. Taking under consideration, tertiary education could convey much advantages to the community and develop an intact society.


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