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可口可乐公司不仅依赖联盟作为进入新地区的战略,它还相信合资企业。合资企业是指企业联合起来在新的市场中经营。这有助于组织节省运营成本。如果使用内部公司结构,公司在新市场扩展业务将变得更加容易。研究表明,可口可乐公司在进入中国等市场时主要采用合资方式,跨国公司决定通过合资方式进入新地区的原因是过高的交易成本,随着时间的推移,交易成本不断增加。在许多情况下,这种成本是由市场不完善造成的。因此,研究表明,利用公司内部结构进入新市场的成本较低。可口可乐公司利用合资企业是有利的,因为它帮助它获得收入,并降低了运营成本。这种不确定性可能是市场运作信息不足的结果。当一个公司不确定的时候,它很可能会做出错误的决定。可口可乐公司进入中国市场,1985年至1992年决定采用合资方式进入(Tian, 2016)。可口可乐公司发现,明智的做法是首先通过建立合资企业获得中国灌装厂的管理权。


Coca-Cola Company does not only rely on alliances as a strategy of entering new geographies rather it also believes in joint ventures. Joint ventures refer to where organizations join their hands together with to operate in new markets. This helps organizations to save on costs of operations. It becomes easier for companies to expand their operations in new markets if it uses internal corporate structures. Research have shown that Coca-Cola Company has mainly used the joint ventures when entering markets such as the Chinese market .The reason why multinational corporations decide to enter new regions through joint ventures is the exorbitant high transaction costs which have continually increased as time goes by. This cost in many cases is imposed by the market imperfections. Therefore, research has shown that it is less expensive to enter new markets by use of internal corporate structures. The use of joint ventures by Coca-Cola Company is advantageous because it has helped it to gain revenue as well as reduce costs of operations. This uncertainty may be a result of inadequate information about the operations of the market. When a company is uncertain, there is a high possibility that it can make wrong decisions. For Coca-Cola Company to enter the Chinese market, the company decided to use joint venture as the entry method in 1985 to 1992 (Tian, 2016). Coca-Cola Company found it wise to first to acquire the management rights to the bottling plants in China through the establishment of joint ventures.


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