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为了填补这一缺口在之前的研究中,本研究旨在提供间隙为什么人们会或不会参与和贡献给慈善机构的理解的因素影响人们参与慈善活动,不同的参与者分析,澳大利亚人的贡献越来越少的原因慈善事件,不同的激励因素影响个体层面的参与欲望,改善慈善活动的物理方面,以提高客户满意度,以及参与者认为与慈善组织或活动有关的重要方面。为了支持本研究对“防御湖攻击”慈善活动Fun/Run Walk活动的分析和解释,我们编写了一篇文献综述,以了解应该检查的关键构造。文献综述包括对慈善活动后管理评价、消费者满意度和消费者活动后评价、慈善活动中的消费者动机、慈善活动/组织的消费者信息搜索等方面的研究。为本研究提供答案的具体理论或建构包括收入水平和教育水平与慈善参与之间存在正向关系;慈善的最终目的是慈善参与的主要激励因素;服务质量感知对消费者满意度的影响而充分的客户信息传播将使更多的参与者参与到慈善活动中来。


In order to fill the gap in previous researches, this research aims to provide clearance on why people would or would not participate in and contribute to charity in terms of understanding the factors that influence people to participate in charity events, the different participants profiling, the reasons why Australians contribute lesser and lesser to charity events, the different motivating factors that affect individual level of participation desire, the improvements of the physical aspect of the charity event which can be made in order to raise customer satisfaction, as well as the aspects that participants deem as important in relation to charitable organizations or events.To support the analysis and interpretation of this research regarding the Defence Lake Attack Charity Fun/Run Walk event, a literature review has been developed in order to understand the key constructs that should be examined. The literature review consists of studies on management post event evaluation, consumer satisfaction and consumer post event evaluation, consumer motivations in a charity event, and consumer information search regarding charity events/organizations. The specific theories or constructs that help to provide answers to this research study include income level and education level having a positive relationship with charity participation; the ultimate purpose of the charity is the main motivating factor for charity participation; perception of quality service influencing consumer satisfaction; and adequate customer information reach will lead to having more participants engaging in the charity events.


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