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意识形态和霸权可以影响人们如何在媒体上表示。在过去男人和女人之间有显著的差异。近年来已变得不那么这样,尽管仍然存在。这带来的问题是否表示性别在媒体上已经改变随着时间的推移,由于意识形态的时代变化。Sreberny和Van Zoonen定义性别作为一个有争议的和相对不稳定的话语”(2000年,p.13),显示在媒体上表示性别是经常变化的。




Ideology and hegemony can affect how people are represented in the media. In the past there were striking differences between men and women. In recent times this has become less so, though still exists. This brings about the question as to whether or not the representation of gender in the media has changed over time due to the ideologies of eras changing as well. Sreberny and Van Zoonen defined gender ‘as a contested and relatively unstable discourse’ (2000,p.13), showing how representations of gender are frequently changing in the media.

The representations of James Bond throughout the Bond films have been quite similar: as a quick witted, physically strong man who is attractive and is able to use his charms to seduce many different women. Croteau and Hoynes believed that men would less likely be shown in the household, as this is usually the woman’s place. Instead, they would more likely be shown in highly regarded jobs (Croteau and Hoynes 1997,p.149). Bond films highlight this as Bond works as a secret agent for MI6 which shows his intelligence and authority in the workplace.

In Quantum of Solace, Bond still contains many of his conventional characteristics , for example, his physical strength. It is suggested that men are represented as being more dominant than women, whilst also shown as being involved in much more violence (Croteau and Hoynes 1997,p.149). This can be seen in Quantum of Solace as Bond is involved in many fight scenes, such as, when he attacks the bodyguards in the hotel lift. However, the representation of Bond develops in this film as we see a vulnerable side to Bond that isn’t present in the other Bond films. Many other men in Quantum of Solace are represented as powerful, for example, Dominic Greene owns his own company. Greene is portrayed as greedy and manipulative as he is storing water in order to sell it for extortionate prices. Mr White is another enemy who is portrayed as important and secretive as he is part of a top secret organisation, Quantum. These portrayals of men are stereotypical as they depict them as intelligent, powerful and authoritative.