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霍林斯是对的,因为学校里隐藏的课程有时会决定孩子在课堂上和学校里的行为的限制,这可能是学习的障碍。某些课堂行为准则限制孩子们表达自己的观点,使他们感到失望。在我的课堂上,孩子们甚至不允许在课堂上窃窃私语,我也不理解孩子在他走来走去的时候,他试图分散其他人的注意力,让他们在指令中添加一些内容。我们作为教育工作者应确保在课堂上不留下孩子,应该以相关的方式教育他们,如果我们的座右铭是建立一个理想的教室,就应该平等地认识到失败和成功。以一种相关的方式教他们很容易写,但是我们怎样才能做到呢?有效的学习是在学习者根据他们的学习方式进行处理,而教育者从传统的教学方式转向现代的教学方式。Ivan Illich(1973)说,孩子们从日常生活中学到了更多的东西,而不是坐在教室里。通过设置标准我们面临的问题在课堂上不会得到解决,但当我第二年课的学习者提供适当的资源,互相学习的方法,课外经历像实地考察,在图书馆看书和组织社交活动和同样的挑战机会他们有效地执行伊凡进一步解释了在他的书中。


Hollins is right because the hidden curriculum in my school sometimes determines limitations to children’s behaviour in the classroom and in the school which may be a hindrance to learning. Certain classroom codes of conduct restrict the children from expressing their point of views so they become disappointed. In my classroom children were not even allowed to whisper during lesson and I never understood the child when he moved around and tried distracting the others had something to add to the instructions. We as educators should ensure that no child is left behind in the classroom, they should be taught in a relevant way and failures and success should be recognised equally if our motto is to set up an ideal classroom. Teaching them in a relevant way is easy to put in writing but how can we achieve it? Effective learning takes place when the learners are treated according to their learning styles and educators move away from traditional to modern way of teaching. Ivan Illich (1973) says that the children learn more from their day to day experience rather than sitting inside a classroom. By setting standards the problems we face in classrooms will not be solved but, when I provided the learners in my Year-2 class proper resources, ways to learn from each other, experiences outside the classroom like going on field trips, reading books in the library and organising socialising events and equally challenged opportunities they performed effectively as Ivan further explains in his book.


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