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Many people think that they can feel free to treat animals however they want, but they can’t, animals feel pain, fear, pleasure, and love. Haven’t you noticed when a dog gets attached to its owner they love being around them, and they flinch when you raise your hands towards them? They feel just like we do and people fail to realize that, just because animals can’t talk or cry like humans do, doesn’t mean they don’t feel any pain. Animal cruelty is horrible, in any situation whether if it’s the owner treating them bad, or them being practiced on with cosmetics, it does not matter the situation, animals do not deserve to be treated badly, it is very unfair and cruel, and they are defenseless! We can use tools or guns to hurt them but what do they have? Just a sharp pair of teeth that’ll do the trick when you frighten them and they attack. Majority of us citizens grew up wearing leather, and eating meat, that’s a whole different era from animals being tested on. These are animals that get cooked or get skinned once they are already dead, scientists study on living creatures! They feel the pain once a needle gets in them, they feel the pain once a product goes wrong and they’re burning from the inside out. Meat markets are okay to me but what these scientists are doing inside a lab to these animals is not okay they are living creatures who deserve justice!


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