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The objectives are settling out based on the corporate, and marketing factors. For corporate perspectives, Aussie Pet Mobile has commenced on the successful marketing strategy and participates in the leadership in the industry. It aims in provide great value to all customers, and developing uniqueness and differentiate services to the public. On the other hand, for the perspective of marketing strategy, APM has positioned four goals in different aspects to gain competitive advantages. To recover into financial recession, it aims to achieve mutual practice on cost-efficient and differentiation strategy and becoming the best choice of Canberra within 2 years. To break even to cover all costs requires more profits that including vehicle costs, wages, direct materials and overhead costs. To encourage employee productivity and control costs in the manner of workers in obtaining business production efficiency in the social aspects. On the personal perspective, the managing on the customers’ relationships and brand image can support the process in generating revenue. Lastly, in maximising the using eco-friendly and nature materials and water saving will lead to implement sustainable development for the business.


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