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潜意识说服是广告利用的最强大的影响力之一。广告公司试图通过选择与产品相关的最有效的潜意识记忆,从而在情感上吸引他们假定的受众,从而导致更高的销售率(Heath, 2012)。格罗夫博士1984年的一项研究证明了这一理论,该研究是关于酒精广告中的阈下唤醒。有两组人观看了相同的酒精广告,除了第一组是对照组,他们观看的广告不包含阈下性内容,而第二组观看的广告包含阈下性内容(Grove, 1984)。结果是,实验组对情色影响的反应比对照组更情绪化(Grove,1984)。这一发现确立了一个概念,即性可以在广告中销售。所以,即使是饮料或割草机的广告,文案也会包含性暗示,这样观众就会更有激情,从而对他们的产品产生更大的兴趣。很明显,性在潜意识里是被暗示的,因为它并不是被销售的产品,而且在一些更严重的情况下,公然在大众营销广告中展示它是不道德的,甚至是非法的。说完这些,目标受众并不一定需要有一个专业心理明白性是通过产品由于象征,大多数广告特性这种类型的概念通常包括众所周知的刻板印象的大多数人定义为性吸引力。让我们回到格罗夫博士的研究中来,广告商会利用研究中收集的数据在竞选会议上进行大量的宣传,以至于1985年至2006年,几乎所有行业的商业广告中都充斥着带有性潜意识信息的广告(希思,2012)。广告商利用的另一种情感是幽默,它比性更能被利用,因为它能在家庭友好型广告中使用,从而使广告商在情感和产品之间建立更突出的联系。


Subconscious persuasion is one of the strongest influence that advertisements utilize (Heath, 2012). Advertising firms try to emotionally entice their presumed audience by selecting the most effective subliminal memories that might be linked to their product and that results in higher selling rates (Heath, 2012). This theory was demonstrated through a study done by Dr. Grove in (1984), the study was about subliminal arousal that was in alcohol commercials. There were two groups who looked at the same alcohol ad except group 1 was the controlled group who watched an ad that didn’t contain subliminal sexual content and group 2 watched an ad containing subliminal sexual content (Grove, 1984). The results were that the experimental group responded more emotionally o the erotic influences then the controlled group (Grove,1984). This finding established a concept that sex sells in advertising. So even though an ad maybe for a beverage or a lawnmower, copywriters would include sexual undertones so that the audience would seem more aroused and that would translate into more of an interest in their product. Obviously, sex has to be implied subconsciously due to the fact that it isn’t the product being sold and also it would be unethical and in some more serious cases illegal to blatantly show it in a mass marketing commercial. With that said, the target audience doesn’t necessarily need to have a major in psychology to understand that sex is being symbolized through the products due to the fact that most ads that feature this type of concept usually involve well known stereotypes of what most people would define as sexually attractive. Bringing it back to Dr. Grove’s research, advertisers would use data collected in the study to pitch in campaign meetings so much so that the years 1985-2006 had an overabundance of commercials that had sexual subliminal messages from almost every industry’s commercial (Heath, 2012). Another emotion that advertisers exploit is humor which can be utilized more than sex because of the ability to use it in family friendly commercials thus allowing advertisers to make a more prominent link between emotion and product.


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