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The energy drink market in Australia and abroad is very competitive. The market is approaching the maturity stage where room for growth is limited and this puts V drink in a vulnerable position even if the V drink is the number 1 selling energy drink. because they are more likely to fail in such a market. According to the MarketWatch (2009) global energy drink volumes have risen by 2% in 2008 to 3.9 billion litres which represent almost double the 2.0 billion litres sold in 2003. North America represents 37% of global volume followed by Asia Pacific which is 30% and Western Europe representing 15%. The report suggests that while Asia Pacific has experienced a decline in volume, Australia is surging with volumes soaring at 33%. Factors which may have contributed to this surge include the stress of economic downturn, work pressure and general fatigue. Energy drinks are appealing to younger consumers because of their convenience when compared to coffee, the novel taste and trendy image of such drinks. This makes them very appealing to younger consumers. Furthermore there is a growing trend for the consumer to mix energy drinks with spirits and create an energy cocktail. There is escalating health concerns about energy drinks which could damage its appeal. Health concerns are around the high caffeine and sugar content in such drinks. New avenues of growth will therefore come in the form of energy drinks that address these concerns and health promoting using organic alternatives rather than caffeine. According to the Australian Food & drink Report (2010) the coffee industry in Australia is still strong but has began to level off slightly. This could be partly because of the rise in energy drinks.


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