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The limited information about LEP children with disabilities, their parents, and their parents’ perceptions of the transition period form a strong theoretical rationale for further investigation. The present study furnishes a conceptual structure to provide guidance for further research, and contribute to the literature on current transition practices. Thus, the needs of students with disabilities and their families during the transition process will be better addressed. Finally, the study establishes a starting point for improving transitions and subsequent child outcomes, especially those related to cultural and linguistic diversity.This dissertation is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 has introduced the background information, the statement of the problem, and the significance of the study. Chapter 2 reviews the literature and research relevant to the broader topics associated with early intervention, early childhood special education, and the transition process. A closer look at the issues associated with culturally and linguistically diverse students is also presented. Chapter 3 provides a description and details regarding the research design, the data collection process and the data analysis process. The results of the data analysis and the overall results are presented in Chapter 4. The final chapter is a discussion of the study and its implications and applications for future studies.


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