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在冲绳战役中,美国军队面临的主要威胁之一是1944年10月开始的“神风”袭击。首先,使用神风(被定义为“神风”)来抵抗美国入侵日本是日本政府用来对付美国即将发生的袭击的一种策略。在谈到马克思(2008)时,有人可能会说,日本的军事领导人计划并实施了对他们的年轻人的有计划的屠杀——他们已经意识到,没有胜利的希望(p . 10)。在这一论点之后,神风敢死队的攻击是自杀式袭击,由日本飞行员实施,作为对美国在太平洋上的船只发动突然袭击的一种方式。在美国和一般的战争中,神风敢死队扮演了不同的角色。注意,神风敢死队的飞行员严重威胁了美国的行动(p . 12)。这些攻击对美国的领导人和士兵产生了严重的心理影响。重要的是,日本军队完全摧毁了这个国家的唯一方式可能会左右,避免总失败自杀袭击任务牺牲自己的人,是为了影响美国领袖和士兵的心理感知,从而减轻他们的运动和对冲绳的影响。毫无疑问,神风敢死队的袭击有效地将恐惧灌输给了美国领导人和士兵。尽管如此,在美国军方中,这是一股不可抗拒的力量。


One of the major threats to the United States military during the Battle of Okinawa were the Kamikaze attacks which began in October 1944. To begin with, the use of Kamikaze (which is defined as ‘divine wind’) in resisting the United States’ invasion of Japan was a strategy which was used by the Japanese government to deal with the imminent attacks of the United States. In reference to Marx (2008), one could argue that the military leaders of Japan planned and executed the systematic slaughter of their youth -already being aware that no hope of victory was at hand (p.10). Following this argument, the Kamikaze attacks were suicide attacks which were perpetrated by the Japanese pilots as a way of executing surprise attacks on United States vessels in the pacific. There are different roles which were played by the Kamikaze attacks on the United States and in this war in general. Note that the Kamikaze pilots endangered the United States operations serious (p.12). These attacks had serious psychological impact on the United States leaders and soldiers. Importantly, the Japanese military was completely devastated and the only way this nation could come around and avoid total defeat was to sacrifice its own people in suicide missions that were meant to affect the psychological perceptions of the United States leaders and soldiers and thus ease their movement and impact on Okinawa. Needless to say, the Kamikaze attacks effectively managed to instill fear into the United States leaders and the soldiers. Nonetheless, this acted as compelling force among the United States military that this war had to be worn.


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