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As the growth of industry boosted rapidly in the society, it created many alternative effects on the social classes, such as the gap between rich and poor. Before the Industrial Revolution started, the Agricultural Revolution caused the appearance of new machines and new farming techniques, which replaced lots of farmer’s works. Those unexpected changes brought many problems between workers and government. Workers form union and stroke, many new machines and factories got ruined at the time, but their strike didn’t take a long time, then government claimed that their movements or meeting were illegal. However, the brutal reality didn’t stand on the same side with those workers, and push the poor move from countryside to the urban, and searching for new jobs (Clifford). Most of the increasing population in the city was form by those who work in the factories, which also became as the working class (Butler). For this reason, more people started to work at factories instead of being a farmer. As the demanded of goods are rising, the needs of factories also became essential at that period, and more and more factories were opened (European industrialization). Due to most of the landlords, bankers and factory owners, their life condition became better than what they used to have, they got better education and health care, some of them were even wealthier than the nobles, which caused the emergence of the new middle class (European Industrialization). The growth of industry brought a great leap of new social classes, the existence of the working class and new middle class appeared.


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