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焦虑是学生以最大的问题(Ghaziuddin et al.,1998;小林定人、村田、1998)。焦虑水平可以是非常严重或轻度。无论它是激烈或不,它必须考虑和减少之前,任何真正的学习可以发生这通常会涉及一些不同的专业人员一起工作,作为一个团队的一部分(穆尔,2002)。大多数学生将有困难处理环境的变化或日常日程安排(穆尔,2002)。突然的变化,如代课老师或消防警报器可以引起这种疾病的一个巨大的焦虑和痛苦的程度,他们专注于学业和保持镇定有困难的孩子(迈尔斯和阿德雷翁,2001)。甚至像老师一样简单地注意到出勤率的视觉形象,而不是在工作表上大声说出姓名或数学问题数量的变化,这会增加孩子的焦虑程度。为了解决这些问题,改变常规或环境应与孩子讨论之前,他们发生。学生应该为他们提供一份时间表的变化和新的安排而准备的。作为学生焦虑的主要原因是意外的变化,可以很容易地通过确保他们完全意识到变化发生之前,他们可以很容易地预防。它也可能是值得注意的事情,可能作为触发焦虑,例如响亮的意想不到的声音。


Anxiety is one of the greatest problems for students with AS (Ghaziuddin et al., 1998; Kobayashi and Murata, 1998). The level of anxiety can either be very severe or mild. Whether it is intense or not, it must be taken into consideration and reduced before any real learning can take place This will usually involve a number of different professionals working together as part of a team (Moore, 2002). Most students with AS will have difficulty dealing with changes in their environment or daily schedule (Moore, 2002). Sudden changes such as a substitute teacher or the fire alarm going off can cause children with this disorder a great of anxiety and distress to the extent that they have difficulty with focusing on schoolwork and retaining composure (Myles & Adreon, 2001). Even something as simple as the teacher noting attendance visually rather than calling out names or a change in the number of maths problems on a worksheet can increase the child’s anxiety levels.In order to tackle these problems, changes in the routine or environment should be discussed with the child before they occur. The student should be prepared by providing them with a copy of schedule changes and floorplans of new arrangements. The main cause for anxiety in AS students is unexpected change which can easily be prevented by ensuring that they are fully aware of the changes before they occur. It may also be worthwhile to take note of things that may act as triggers in setting off the anxiety e.g. loud unexpected sounds.


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