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英国硕士 第一次坐飞机 the first time to take a plane

My name is Jason, a collegestudent from Changsha University. I’m crazy about travelling. Throughtravelling, I can learn more knowledge and know the world better. Last wintervacation, I traveled to Guangzhou by myself.


I went there by plane. I got onthe plane at 10 o’ clock that morning. Since this was my first time to take theplane, I was filled with joy. From the plane window, I could enjoy a uniquescene of the white cloud, pretty sky and the bright sun. How marvelous it was!It seemed that I wandered in the paradise. The air hostesses were friendly andwarm-hearted. They offered their best service to us with their beautifulsmiles. And they also helped us heart and soul when we found it necessary. Iregarded them as the most beautiful angels that I had ever seen. Thus, I hadgreat fun time on the plane.


About an hour later, I arrived atthe White Cloud Airport in Guangzhou. After I got off the plane, I transferredthe coach to Guangzhou Railway Station. My friend Phillip met me there. He wasglad to see me again and invited me to have some delicious food in a nearbyrestaurant. Then we took the subway to his living place. I was very tired onthat day but I felt so joyous, because this was the first time that I hadtraveled alone.


What a nice journey I had spent!It was an unforgettable experience for me indeed! So I could consider it as abrilliant page in my life.



沉默并不总是金 Silence Is Not Always Gold