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英国硕士论文 自信心的重要性my view on the importance of self-confidence

Self-confidence means the firm belief thatyou can do things well. If you want to succeed in doing anything, you must haveconfidence in your ability. Otherwise, you may hardly achieve anything. Somepeople always complain about how difficult their tasks would be and howincapable they are. They often refuse to have a try, and therefore have noopportunity to overcome difficulties in order to get themselves improved.Apparently, this shows their lack of self-confidence.


There are several reasons why people feelfrustrated or discouraged in face of difficulties. Firstly, they underestimatethemselves. Second, they tend to overestimate the difficulties. Third, they areafraid of making mistakes or getting failures.


It is important for young people to buildup self-confidence. As a proverb goes,” confidence in yourself is the firststep on the road to success.” we should make sufficient preparations andencourage ourselves before setting about doing anything in order to achievesuccess, which may help us gain self-confidence. We should have a rightattitude toward our ability and should never look down upon ourselves. Inaddition, we don’t have to be afraid of mistakes or failures, for we can learnfrom mistakes and “failure is the mother of success”.


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