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Relationship marketing is a process of creating, maintaining and enhancing strong relationship with customers and other stakeholders. Relationship marketing is more focused on to building strong long term relationship with customers. Relationship marketing is important to satisfy and establish relationships with customers and other parties so that objectives of both parties can be met. It is more focused on customer retention with highly customer service and commitment. Primark take good care of suppliers in the first place and then aim to develop long-term relationships. Primark have more than 400 first tier suppliers from where they buy directly – less than 2% in the UK or Ireland, while remainder of production takes place overseas. Six out of 10 suppliers have been with Primark for a decade or more. The mutual understanding that results from relationships is essential to being able to offer value in the market. Suppliers know what business want in terms of quality, product specification and lead times; and in return they get stability, large volume orders and payment within 30 days.


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