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One important idea is that with the homework policy, physical activity outside of school would become more common. Many kids in anywhere from preschool to 12th grade enjoy playing outside. Whether it’s playing a game on a play structure or going and playing basketball with your friends, students enjoy physical activities. With these restrictions students will be encouraged and allowed to perform these physical activities. Not only with this make the majority of the Americas children healthy it will also calm stress and worries about school work.Another significant thought is that more homework would promote more copying and cheating. Being a student, I know that when faced with a large assignment, others and myself will bond together and “divide and conquer” the assignment. Although this gets the assignment done, and usually a passing grade, overall knowledge of the subject is little, if nonexistent. One student will have a deep understanding for one section and not have any knowledge about another.My third and final idea is that with more homework, students will come to class tired and absent minded, making class the next day ineffective. It can be seen in many students today who don’t get enough sleep. If they don’t get to bed early enough, they are tired, and potentially falling asleep during class. With more homework, students will be up late trying to finish their assignments. Staying up late causes fatigue the next day. This would allow only a small handful of students that will actually benefit from the lesson.


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