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今天,有很多餐馆和咖啡馆选择在布加勒斯特,大多位于城市中心,是主要的旅游区。一些受欢迎的餐馆和咖啡馆在布加勒斯特加拉Lipscani,皇家咖啡馆,任性犬,Caru铜大麦、饮食店del Tatoli滑铁卢,马英九’dam Zoronn,狗仔队,Brasseir皇冠广场,La妈妈,中国餐馆,小酒馆Atheneu,Casa Vernescu,Burebista,Bradet,水族馆,捐等城市也是许多国际快餐连锁店,如麦当劳、肯德基、必胜客、汉堡王等。大多数酒吧有限食品如糕点和三明治。[2]

罗马尼亚餐厅和咖啡馆喜欢位于城市中心,有更多的游客,交通、安全、便利和可访问性。他们大多是隐蔽的现货Piata和平附近Piata维多利亚和Piata Unirii。没有城市的餐馆在郊区夏娃虽然在布加勒斯特一般是安全的。通常发现人们在户外吃在餐馆在夏天在树下一个美丽的大露台上。平均罗马尼亚家庭、餐馆用餐是保留在特殊的场合作为其国家习俗在家里做饭,餐厅被视为非常昂贵。[3]


Western style restaurants and hotels began to spring up everywhere from 1995 after the city planning department approved the use of many buildings for commercial use. Under strict guidelines and rules set by the government, restaurants and hotels were granted licences and required to maintain high food standards, hygiene, facilities, personnels and salaries in accordance with western standards. By year 2000, there was a culinary explosion and restaurant and hotels franchises from capitalist west was visible everywhere in Bucharest. [2]

For the tourists, it was a welcomed development to have varieties of restaurants, foods and hotels. For post-communist Romanians, western foods became very popular even though Romanians continued to love their traditional food. Anything from the west is seen as a better quality. The young and adults are very eager to espouse all things western; clothings, cigarettes, foods, architecture, hotels, cars etc. They flock to McDonalds, apparently happy to partake in its junk cuisine regardless of the health risks.

Today, there are plenty of restaurants and cafés to choose in Bucharest, mostly located in city center which is the main tourist area. Some of the popular restaurants and cafés in Bucharest are Gara Lipscani, Cafe Royal, Capriccio Italiano, Caru’ Cu Bere, Trattoria del Tatoli , Waterloo, Ma’dam Zoronn, Paparazzi, Brasseir Crown Plaza, La Mama, Cina restaurant, Bistro Atheneu, Casa Vernescu, Burebista, Bradet, Aquarium, Capsa etc.The city is also home to many international fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Burger King etc. Most bars have limited food such as pastry and sandwich. [2]

Romanian restaurant and cafés prefer to locate in the city centers where there are more tourists, transportation, security, convenience and accessibility. They are mostly secluded in spot near the Piata Romana, Piata Victoriei and Piata Unirii. There are no restaurants in the outskirts of the city eve though it is generally safe everywhere in Bucharest. It is common to find people eating outdoors in restaurants in the summer on a beautiful large terrace under the trees. For an average Romanian family, dining in restaurant is reserved for special occasions as its a national custom to cook at home and restaurant is seen as very expensive. [3]