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The human creativity represents an enigma to the research community: It is all but impossible to describe the process in unequivocal terms, yet there is a strong desire to promote in the education the develop of creativity. The quality of education is one of the most commonly used expressions currently in the field of education, as a point of reference that justifies any process of change or improvement of the plan. In this area the development of creativity would be the backbone of a new educational system that is more efficient than other systems, because creative thinking in a disciplined manner can play a real role in innovation. “Creativity and innovation are normally complementary activities”(European Commission, 1998). The improvement of creativity in education has great importance for the development of the students and the nation, because it can improve the formation of scientists, engineers, and specialists. It can be learned, practiced, and developed by the use of proven techniques, so it is necessary to adopt a education system used in other countries that it is more effective. For example, Finland system in the education, implementation of appropriate tools to develop of the creativity and techniques and methods for develop the creativity. All these points are necessary to give solution to reduction of the creativity in the education, so it can be considered as a basis for building a strong education structure and the increase index them creativity in schools, universities and other institutions.


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