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在挑选教师参加面试时,研究人员制定了选拔标准。之所以这样做,是因为有42名受访者同意进行后续采访,但对研究人员有时间限制,包括进行半结构化的面试,每次30分钟。这些标准是基于对问卷中两个问题的具体回答;教师对自主学习者的信念及其作为英语教师的工作经验。这次采访的最终选择是基于分层随机抽样过程(Bryman 2008)。这个采访花了一个月的时间完成,研究人员将20名教师划分为两名教师;其中10个是通过英国电话进行的,另外10个是在阿曼进行的面对面的采访。收集支持研究的目的,并且肯定有助于回答提出的问题。他们不仅提到了可以使用的仪器,而且还对他们进行了测试,如果他们能够帮助实现他们的研究目标。这项研究列出了三份使用同类仪器但存在缺陷的研究论文。即使他们成功地创建了自己的工具,它也经过了8次测试、测试和编辑,这样他们就可以在收集到相关信息后整理这些结构和结果。我没有注意到数据收集中的任何空白;然而,采访可能会受到两个变量的影响。这些变量可能影响了老师对这些问题的回答


While selecting the teachers for the interviews, the researchers drew up criteria for selection. This was done so because there were 42 respondents agreeing to do the follow-up interviews but there were time constraints for the researchers, inclusive of conducting a semi-structured interview of 30 minutes each. The criteria were based on specific responses to two questions in the questionnaires; the teachers’ beliefs about autonomous learners and their work experience as English Language Teachers. The final selection of the participants for the interview was based on the stratified random sampling process (Bryman 2008). This interview took a month to complete with the researchers dividing the 20 teachers between them; 10 of them conducted via telephone from the United Kingdom and the other 10 were face-to-face interviews conducted in Oman.collection supported the aim of the research and definitely helped in answering the questions raised. They not only referred to instruments that could be used but also tested them if they would help in achieving their research objectives. The study listed three research papers that used instruments of the same kind but had flaws in them. Even if they had managed to create their own instrument, it was tried and tested, reviewed and edited eight times, just so that they would be able to collate the constructs and results after gathering relevant information. I did not notice any gaps in data collection; however, the interview could have been affected by two variables. These variables might have influenced the teachers’ responses to the questions asked


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