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半结构化访谈作为本研究的定性研究设计,因为它们提供了发现的详细信息以及这些发现对理论发展扩展的贡献(Mertens, 2005)。半结构化面试将调查方法的灵活性与结构化面试过程的组织相结合。预先定义的开放式问题是准备好的,但面试官会根据面试的过程修改问题并增加新的问题。Kvale(1996)将非结构化的访谈定义为访谈,既没有预先确定问题,也没有回答类别。他们依靠研究者和线人之间的社会互动来获取信息。根据Kvale(1996)的说法,面试是一种常用的工具,用来访问人们的经历、感知和态度的情况或想法。通过访谈,描述性数据收集在受试者自己的单词中,这样研究者就能理解参与者是如何看待一个情景或经历的。这项技术的价值在于研究者可以研究对个体有意义的东西。


Semi-structured interviews were chosen as the qualitative research design for this study since they provide detailed information of the findings that emerge and the contribution of those findings to the expansion of theory development (Mertens, 2005). Semi-structured interviews combine the flexibility of survey methods with the organization of the structured interview process. Pre-defined open-ended questions are prepared, but interviewers amend the questions and add new ones, based on the course of interview. Kvale (1996) defined unstructured interviews as interviews in which neither the question nor the answer categories are predetermined. They rely on social interaction between the researcher and informant to elicit information.According to Kvale (1996), interview is a tool which is used frequently to access people’s experiences, perceptions, and attitudes of situations or ideas. Through interviews, descriptive data is gathered in the subject’s own words so that the researcher can understand how participants view a situation or an experience. The value of this technique is that the researcher can investigate what is meaningful to the individual


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