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然而,皮亚杰的研究方法受到质疑;他的方法是灵活的儿童的个体需要,因此通过观察这种非标准化的方法,它是不可能产生可重复的定量数据。此外,皮亚杰的理论受到批评,因为它把重点放在孩子的失败,而不是成功的关于他们的模式。 虽然存在这些问题,皮亚杰的理论是有影响力的今天。他的理论强调要使教学适应儿童的需要,而不是被动的学习者。这样,教师应该创造一个环境和工程师的情况下,让孩子测试和推测。推而广之,教师应该感兴趣的推理产生的孩子的答案,而不是答案本身。这使教师提供适当的内容,并给每个孩子带来最大的利益。正如皮亚杰也很关键,提供社会互动发展的观点,不以自我为中心的机会,考虑他人和他们的意见和发展需要讨论问题的词汇。 从我的经验来看,很显然,学生们难以产生故事,因为他们没有经历过抽象的基于幻想的想法,也没有足够广泛的词汇。因此,应该鼓励父母给孩子读书去发展这些技巧和建议测试他们所听到的而不是简单的听(这涉及Q30,Q4和Q5)。教师应确保他们的计划提供了许多机会让孩子们阅读,体验和发展想象力的技能.


However, Piaget’s research methods have been questioned; his approach was flexible to the needs of the individual child under observation and therefore through this non-standardised method it is not possible to generate replicable quantitative data. Furthermore, Piaget’s theory has been criticised as it places a heavy emphasis upon the child’s failures rather than successes regarding their schemas.
Although these issues exist, Piaget’s theory is influential today. His theory highlights the need to adapt teaching to the needs of the child as an active, rather than passive, learner. In this way the teacher should create an environment and engineer situations which allow the child to test and speculate. By extension, the teacher should be interested in the reasoning which generates the child’s answers, rather than the answer itself. This allows the teacher to provide content appropriate for and to bring maximum benefit to each individual child. As highlighted by Piaget it is also key to provide opportunities for social interaction to develop a viewpoint which is less egocentric, consider others’ and their opinions and develop vocabulary needed to discuss issues.
From my experience it is clear that pupils struggle to generate stories as they have not experienced abstract ideas based in fantasy and do not possess a vocabulary which is wide enough. As such, parents should be encouraged to read to their child to develop these skills and as suggested test what they are hearing rather than simply listen (this relates to Q30, Q4 and Q5). The teacher should ensure that their planning provides many opportunities for children to read, experience and develop imaginative skills


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