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语言,数学,科学,社会研究,外语,技术,艺术,音乐,体育,宗教,职业技能,其他选修课来源:Eduardo Andere,“综合教育在美国之外,“为什么我们的背后:什么顶国家教他们的学生,但我们不(共同的核心,2009)。课程中的个别主体。相反,政府已成功地整合ICT在全国课程,创造一个“数字化学习”的环境。这一举措正在复制整个世界在UAE实现同样有效的改变需要教师获得教学目的使用ICT的进一步培训,以及在ICT教学大纲的变化,这是目前不实用或现实需求相关。总体而言,UAE课程是窄的,涵盖较少的科目和学科领域比世界上表现最好的国家。UAE学校未能提供职业技能培训或任何选修科目-如家政学,环境科学或商业研究。UAE也可以从中学课程的多样化和延长学校周中受益。目前,据估计,UAE的学校有大约22.5个小时的教学每周为27小时week.16延长教学日将使课程的拓展国际平均水平的比较。


Native Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign language, Technology, Arts, Music, Physical Education, Religion, Vocational skills, Other Electives Source: Eduardo Andere, “Comprehensive Education Outside the United States,” Why We’re Behind: What Top Nations Teach Their Students But We Don’t (Common Core, 2009). individual subject in the curriculum. Instead, the government has successfully integrated ICT across the national curriculum, creating a “digital learning” environment. This initiative is currently being replicated across the world.15 To achieve similarly effective change in the UAE would require teachers to receive further training on the use of ICT for instructional purposes, as well as a change in the ICT syllabus, which is currently not practical or relevant to real-life demands. Overall, the UAE curriculum is narrow and covers fewer subjects and subject areas than the best performing countries in the world. UAE schools fail to offer vocational skills training or any elective subjects – such as home economics, environmental science or business studies. The UAE could also benefit from diversifying its secondary level curricular offerings and lengthening its school week. Currently, it is estimated that UAE schools have approximately 22.5 hours of instruction per week, in comparison to the international average of 27 hours per week.16 Extending the school day would enable the broadening of the curriculum. Assessment Strategies


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