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古德曼和伯顿(2010)使用半结构化访谈检查教师的经验和方法包括BESD主流教育的学生。这是挑战由于缺乏资源和能力水平。尽管有各种各样的策略来处理学生BESD识别,教师提出的问题与公认的政策在20年前。这或许暗示,尽管工党的变化,已经建立的障碍,确保包含尚未解决。需要有更多的教室助理可以帮助教师和学生。实际上Wedell(2000)指出,有效的包容性的教育需要一个比目前承认更大的变化。教育心理学家有一个基本的作用,然而各种要求他们提出问题,如何关注包含实现所需的结果,以及支持专业教师(Takala & Aunio,2005)。因此又需要更多的资源和服务在任何包含设置,然而,福克斯伍德庄园包容并展示这方面的证据。信息和通信技术的潜力学生之间的学习,就像同侪教学的发展。这可以促进儿童的归属感和接受森以及从同龄人对他们的责任感,进而可能减少欺凌的程度。


Goodman and Burton (2010) used Semi-structured interviews to examine teachers’ experiences and approaches to including students with BESD in mainstream education. This was challenging due to a lack of resources and level of proficiency. Even though there have been a variety of strategies for working with students with BESD identified, the concern raised by teachers resemble those recognized in policy over 20 years ago. This would suggest that despite Labour’s changes; already established obstacles to ensure inclusion have yet to be addressed. There would need to be more classroom assistants available to aid the teachers as well as the students. Wedell (2000) actually stated that for effective inclusive education there needs to be a greater change than is currently acknowledged. Educational psychologists have a fundamental role to play, however the various demands placed upon them raises issues as to how they can focus on inclusion to achieve a desired outcome as well as support from specialist teachers (Takala & Aunio, 2005.) Therefore again there needs to be more resources and services available in any inclusion setting, however, the Foxwood inclusion did show evidence of this.Information and communications technology has potential for learning among pupils, as has the development of peer tutoring. This could promote the sense of belonging and acceptance for children with SEN as well as a sense of responsibility towards them from their peers, which in turn may prove to lessen the extent of bullying.


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