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马库斯和罗比倡导下的应用信息系统的关键术语“适合”。这个词代表的想法相互关连信息设计组织结构。这是一个努力获得之间的连接性的特点是满足组织的需求。在服务的需求被认为是四维的“合适”/ s。马库斯和罗比确定这些“适合”/ s的用户、组织结构、配电和环境。用户的上下文相关的效率和员工的知识水平或组织的成员。管理信息系统的分析理解组织结构和组织的扩张。他们也重视权力的分配,使高级管理层更负责任的层次结构。最后,它是需要适应的环境是更好的人。这个环境指的是组织的工作环境和发展行政活动的模式。在这些学者方方面面相关的点和获得之间的互联互通和所有这些模式在哪里都适用。如上所述y,说服的熟练程度和适当的知识熟练程度是一个组织成功的关键。然而,他们也建议组织有效性的效用并不一定来自整个概念的规范应用。他们还宣称,不能有任何简单的处方或任何形式的“有效系统”是一个在组织领域的成功。几乎所有的努力需要验证虽然假设正确的应用程序也应该准备好不良结果。


Markus and Robey advocated the application of Information system under the key term ‘fit’. This word represented the idea of interrelating information design to the organisational structure. It is an effort to derive the connectivity between the features of IS to suit the organisational needs. In serving the needs IS gets considered under the four dimensional ‘Fit’/s. Markus and Robey identified these ‘fit’/s in relation to the user, the organisation structure, power distribution and the environment. The context of the user is related to the levels of efficiencies and the knowledge of the employee or the member of the organisation. Management of information system has been analysed for understanding the organisational structure and the expansion of the organisation. They also laid importance to the distribution of power, making senior management more responsible in the hierarchy structure.Lastly, it is the environment that needs to get fit into the IS for better persuasions. This environment refers to the working environment of the organisation and the mode of developing the executive activities. In every aspect these scholars made the point of being interrelated and gaining interconnectivity between IS and all those modes where IS gets applicable. As stated y them, proficiencies and appropriate knowledge for the persuasion of proficiencies have been the key to the success of IS in an organisation. However, they also suggested that the utility of organisational validity does not necessarily come from the normative application of the entire concept. They also declared that there cannot be any ‘simple prescription’ or any kind of ‘effective system’ to make IS a success in the organisational domain. Every effort needs to be practically authenticated and though hypothetically correct the applications should be well prepared for adverse results also.


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